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Please return regularly to experience and share in the former years of 32 "Buffalo" Battalion, a truly elite and extraordinary battalion of the South African Defence Force. 32 Battalion was an elite unit consisting of former FNLA guerrillas from Angola integrated with South African Officers to become acknowledged as the best fighting unit in the SADF since WWII and was also the first unit to receive its colours in an operational area. Ultimately the members of 32 Battalion were betrayed by the very same regime they so loyally fought and died for.




Sgt Kiwit Seleste on patrol in the Jambi area
B-Coy Patrol East of Cassinga

21 May

Savate Day.



In memory of all our fallen comrades


We Honour You!

We Remember!



There are hordes of people out there who have knowingly discredited our unit without fact or have falsely claimed to have served with 32 Battalion and some have wicked stories that would frighten even the hardened of Vet’s. Along with these “wannabe's” are individuals that share the common denominator of dishonesty and spice up their true role while serving with or sometimes even just in the vicinity of 32 Battalion in a support or other capacity. During the course of the Battalions existence there were many people that passed through the unit but only a few of these individuals actually participated in operations with 32 Battalion and even less actually saw any action. This message is intended to caution all those individuals who by word or deed tarnish the name of 32 Battalion and dishonour all those members who bravely served, especially those who paid the ultimate  price while serving in the Battalion.




Peter Burley (1982) The day after Op Super


B-Coy Briefing near Lomba in the early stages of Op Moduler
Trooping out north after flying in to Eenhana

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; for whoever has shed his blood with me shall be my brother. Someday, somewhere we will meet again, because we will always be .



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For those who betrayed us, our families and have dishonoured our fallen for political exploit, The day will come when we are all together again and you will stand alone before the Almighty to explain!



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