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Dubbed as "Our Own Siberian Wasteland",  Pomfret is scheduled to be bulldozed by the government and the community split up against their will

Submitted By Keith Evens


Anyone familiar with the history of this Elite South African Defence Force Unit and their subsequent betrayal, will

Pretoria Bomb

 have understanding and compassion for the plight of this abandoned community who are once again left alone to fend for themselves against the ever lasting obsession of the ANC government to rid their community.


The ANC Government cant even keep their electoral promises to the people of South Africa, but instead seem more focused on repaying old dues that they couldn't settle on the battle fields of Angola (home to the ANC training and torture camps), or the SA borders of Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique where ANC terrorists used to infiltrated South Africa to attack innocent civilians, lay landmines on farm roads, necklacing so called

Necklacing Victim

traitors and also attacking soft targets all in the name of "Liberation" . Now that's what you call  Great Soldiering!


One cannot believe that the ANC intelligence network was in such disarray that they actually believed 32 Battalion was part of the so called "Third Force", however their Communist inspired propaganda machine quickly got to work after a 32 Battalion patrol was ambushed in the insurgent infested squatter camp of Phola Park

Pretoria Bomb

 and based on the patrols retaliation against life threatening hostile fire, all sorts of atrocities such as rape and pillage were claimed but couldn't even stand up in the "Truth and Reconciliation" (TRC) hearings. Unfortunately the damage was done and the results of these hearings were never as widely published as the initial accusations. What was the point of the "TRC" when the very same people that insisted on the establishment of this commission, were not prepared to accept the reality and truth from the other side? Propaganda principles and the sensationalist media sickness denied the opportunity for the innocent to clear their names and there was clearly no true intention of reconciliation anyway, it was just a plain old witch hunt.


As with all cases published, one person from  the Battalion does something that is perceived to be wrong and then automatically "32 Battalion" as a whole is branded. Please lets take a reality check and not brand a community as a whole.


"Siberia in SA"

Furthermore lets look at the root cause of most issues and it boils down to the betrayal of the NP Government whom they so loyally fought and died for and that had promised them a future, the disbandment of the unit, neglect to provide for the veterans and handicapped, neglect to consider their community bond, pathetic severance packages from the newly formed SANDF that couldn't even provide for a family over a period of 1 year and also the isolation of the community (ironically) in an abandoned asbestos mining village in the semi dessert area of the Northern Cape where there is no source of employment and even less chance of subsistence farming to try provide for their families but still the current government persists by cutting off  basic essentials, hoping to drive the community away.


32 Battalion was an elite unit with professional soldiers who have values that would make any country proud. They followed orders as any soldier should because they were soldiers and not politically orientated hoodlums . They had no animosity against any political party or grouping and for that exact same reason, they were deployed with great success against all warring parties in Natal and the Witwatersrand and proof of their impartiality was documented and should be in the Military Archives unless conveniently destroyed. 32Bn was not bias and protected the "Black" communities of Soweto, Thokoza, Katlehong, Vosloorus etc, against the militants no matter from which side. The government should look in the archives or is that too difficult? Then again it may contradict their unjust accusations used by their very own propaganda machine and as a result the truth will remain sealed for political exploit?


My intention is not to create a political issue but rather to focus on what can be done to help our

"Brothers" who lived by the creed of  Honesty, Loyalty and Justice.

Unfortunately there is no "Justice"  now!



We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; for whoever has shed his blood with me shall be my brother. Someday, somewhere we will meet again, because we will always be .









I myself acknowledge that by teaching a man to fish rather than providing for him daily, is the solution to an elementary problem and the Community of Pomfret are far too proud to accept fishing instructions as they are prepared to work in whatever legitimate capacity they can, but in their isolation there are few opportunities and most important they CANT AFFORD the legal fee's to deal with the current strategy of the government to rid their proud and unique Community.


I am aware that the 32 Battalion Veterans Association along with a number of friends have managed to

RSA's own Siberia

 acquire legal representation for the betrayed and abandoned Community of Pomfret and even though all participants are working on their own will to assist the Community, there are still costs that cannot be covered alone by the said individuals nor by the Association.




A Luta Continua.

(The Struggle Continues)





Any donation no matter how small, will be gratefully accepted by the VA!!


Donations can be submitted to

32Bn Veterans Association

First National Bank, Centurion.

Branch Code: 261550

Cheque Acc: 62123516653



Please mark reference: "Pomfret"





I will set up a "Wall of Honour" to acknowledge all contributions & donations announced by the VA.





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